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Dagens pass

A. 10 min Technique in Handstand
8-12 X 10-20 sec Kick up against wall or spotter/partner with as little balance assistance as possible and focus on being as STILL as possible, except for the hand- and forearm muscles that work on keeping your balance.

B. Alt. EMOM 18 min (6 of each) @ 90% general effort
B1. 2-3 Heavy Clean pull, accelerating to explosive extension
B2. 4-6 Lean away Chin-ups @ 3011
B3. 5-7 Semi inclined Dumbbell bench press


A. Honest, focused attempts of actually finding balance in a position that is as straight as possible. Practice a rigid, straight body position lying on the floor, on your stomach if it is hard to find in the handstand.
B. Focus on posture on the clean pulls. Use the force of the lower body to accelerate it upwards with elbows leading upwards but do not pull very high. It is not meant to be an upper body movement. In the lean away chin-ups just keep pushing backwards during the whole descent. 3 seconds even tempo on the descent. For the semi inclined DB bench press, set up a bench that is inclined only to about 10-20°. Control the dumbbells when setting them down.



A. 10 min technique in Handstand and handstand walk
15-30s of either aiming at standing perfectly still, remaining within a 1 meter diameter circle, or walking several meters in a controlled manner. Use each other as spotters.

B. Alt. EMOM 12 min (6 of each)
B1. 1 Heavy perfect posture deadlifts @ +90% effort.
B2. 2 Explosive perfect posture deadlifts @ medium-light weight
Keep the same neutral posture throughout or the coach will decrease your weight.

C. Alt. EMOM 16 min (8 of each) @ 90% effort
C1. 6-8 Dips (maybe weighted)
C2. 6-8 Strict Chin-ups (maybe weighted)


A. Focus on form. Choose a version that you can actually improve on during this 10 min part. B. Back straight and a strong belly. Both the regular and explosive deadlifts are done with posture respected. The explosive deadlifts are done very fast from the start but do not have to be fast at the very top. And they are slow and controlled on he way down. Reset properly and do the second rep from a perfect set-up again
C. This. Will. Suck. In a good way. Keep the reps controlled. Do some small changes in grip and movement between each set. Really small changes



A. E90s x10
6 – 10 rMU Transitions

B. 30s ON : 30s OFF x28 (4 of Each)
30s to Accumulate Reps; @85% Effort.
Goal: Keep the same reps-scheme during all intervals on that specific movement.

A1. CTB Pull-Ups
A2. Strict rDips/Dips

C. MAP 4.1
2 min ON : 2 min OFF x4; @80-90% Effort
3 Clusters 70/55
6 Lateral Burpees
9 rKBS 32/24 kg
Then: 6 min REST

D. MAP 4.2
2 min ON : 2 min OFF x4; @80-90% Effort

6 Strict Pull-Ups
12 Heavy Wall balls (30/20 lbs)
36 Double-Unders
Then: 6 min REST

E. E2M x5
3-5 L-Sit to Shoulder Stand; @3-5s Hold
8-10 QDR’s/ side

F. 3 RFQ
4/4 DNS 3M w/ 2-3 deep breaths per side/rot.


A. Find your specific Transition-Movement, and do get some proper work done!
B. Be swift and quick! Work hard each interval!
C. Go hard and recover hard!
D. Challenging factor will be to do strict reps during a fatigued state. Focus on your breathing!
E. It is for a specific reason that we do this after both “C” and “D”. Try your hardest to control your body on this fatigued state.
F. Back to basic to work on I.A.P (Intra Abdominal Pressure)
Keep your head in the ground, blow up your stomach to create I.A.P and tighten everything. You should still be able to breath.