Jacob Asterblom

Philosophy and Methods
The goal is to help people and athletes reach their highest individual potential, performance and quality of life.

We, together, achieve this through a HOLISTIC perspective and approach by analysing different aspects of life like; Movement Pattern Quality, Coordination, Balance, Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Stamina, Cardiovascular Functions, Joint Flexibility and Stability, Core Stability Functions, Nutritional- and Lifestyle Choices, Rest & Recovery – Psychological factors like; STRESS and how it acts like a suppressor for different body functions.

I will guide you to your individual way of progression towards your own goals- regardless to what it is – Getting your first Muscle-Up, look good naked, increasing your vitality or just regaining your “spark of life”.

I was brought up on Gotland where I spent my youth climbing Rauks and roaming the land in search of adventure. That experience laid a tremendous foundation for future triumphs and trials in countless different sports. I found Crossfit in 2009 and it quickly occupied my entire life – dedicating my time to developing my fitness. Unfortunately, in 2010, I was in a severe car accident where I broke my back. In October 2015, after years of setbacks (without knowing about the severeness of my injuries) I finally made up my mind to go through a Lumbar Fusion at Spine Center in Stockholm, Sweden.
Now, my entire practice is MOVEMENT oriented and focused on (PRE-)REHABILITATION and ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.

Individual Characteristics
“Jakob has an eye for movement and is very thorough in working with people. His energy and humour cannot go pass anyone”.

◦ STAC (Scandinavian Top Athletic Center) – “STAC ELITE TRAINER”
◦ Prague School of Rehabilitation & World Surf League – “D.N.S SURF I”
◦ OPEX CCP – “Assessment” & “Program Design Level 1”
◦ Ido Portal
– “Movement X”
– “The Corset”
– “Locomotion”
◦ GREON AB – “Mental Toughness Instructor Level 1, 2 & 3”
◦ CrossFit Level 2
◦ CrossFit Gymnastics
◦ Countless more courses and personal studies – ranging from health, nutrition and exercise science to epigenetics, ontogenetics and development kinesiology.

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