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You’ll find info about
– Nordic as a website, company and gym/box
– Visits
– Our WODs

Short about Nordic

We believe in fun training, well balanced workout principles and to spread it to as many as possible in order to make people better and happier.

CrossFi Nordic is run by Rickard Walén, Jenny Jacobsen and Númi Snaer Katrinarson.

CrossFit Nordic is both a known website and box

How it started
The company and website was started back in 2008 by Erik Eliasson who, within weeks was joined by Rickard Walén. For over a year they searched for a place to start a gym, while handling ordinary jobs along with working as trainers on a globo-gym hosting CF-sessions.
The website grew as they were the first in Sweden to post a “workout of the day”.
The website has continuously been developed since then.
CF Nordic has also held several large competitions (one before we even had our box).

In late 2009 Erik and Rickard hooked up with Mads Jacobsen, Micke Syd Andersson and Nicklas Söderberg, who were also looking to start a box.

Through a tip we got hold of place at the end of 2009. After three months of hard work and a lot of lessons learned, we opened Stockholms first true CF-box.
Since then Nordic has been known for the focus on quality and passion. We have had several athletes and a team go to the games. We have done our best to give our members the best training experience possible and have several times had a gym packed to its max with a waiting list to become a member.
Over the years, we have changed the owner-structure of our company and earlier partners have searched for new challenges. Although we all stay connected via the community that is CrossFit Nordic.

We aim to
– Spread CF and similar training in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries
– Own and operate professional gyms
– Act as a meeting place on the web for people who like awesome training
– Do our best to help others spread this type of training

Philosophy / mottos
– How you do anything, is how you do everything
– We believe in quality in every aspect, when it comes to effective training
– Striving to always get better and improving what we do is key, through being all ears and listening to critique and suggestions
– We believe that the most important thing for a great training facility is great trainers
– We claim to have among the best trainers in Sweden
– We all love training and spreading that to others. Nordic is what it is because we all do this together.


We have now started using english exercise names on our wods, in order for more to be able to follow the workouts. You can also find an exercise list where both english and Swedish names are shown.
At the moment we offer three type of WODs.
One is our regular Workout Of the Day, one we call “fitness” that has the same broad focus as the owrokut of the day but has increased volume and sometimes intensity. Then we have the third: “Performance” which aims to create and develop capacity to compete in CF at medium level. We also used to have a fourth training program for elite athletes called “Competition” (which is now replaced with personal programming)
The first three programs are are meant for our members in the gym.

The regular WOD is meant to keep anyone in shape over time, through variety, fun and manageable volume. Although there is extra focus on technique, strength, periods with more emphasis on some capabilities along with adjustments made for our Swedish calendar.

The Performance-plan is meant for our members who aim to compete, on an intermediate level.
That means the training is split in to more separated periods with a clear emphasis on certain capabilities.
For our members, to be able to join these sessions at our box, they need to go through a set of simple, preliminary tests that can be found here

The competition program is meant for athletes outside of our box that are at a certain level and aim to compete at an even higher level. The demands are higher and so are the rewards. It is not for everyone.


We get many visits from other boxes, both domestic and from abroad.

– We charge 250SEK for drop-ins that come with no relation to an existing member.
– Members can bring friends, family, partners, colleagues once for free.
– Drop-ins can join the last morning session (starting 07:00 on mon, wed and fri. Starting 08:00 on tue and thu) and the two last evening sessions (starting 18:30 and 19:30) or do their own training any time except for between 17:00 och 19:00 (priority is put on our members).

To book a session
– If you want to join a session, pick one of them at This site that still has spots under the column “lediga” and send us an e-mail.
– On weekends we are open from 08:15:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays and 08:45 to 14:00 on Sundays. Anytime during weekends you are welcome for a workout on your own. However, at Sundays at 12:00 we have a weekly, free, drop-in class for anyone who wants to try CF. You are more than welcome to visit one of those.
– On special dates, like holidays and alike, we might have adjusted opening hours. They can be found furthest down on our schedule page

General rules to know about..

  • Leave your shoes at the front door (along with your ego 🙂
  • We can not cause any thumps between 08:00 and 17:00 on weekdays
  • We put back the equipment after use
  • The ongoing class and ongoing personal training has priority. First and foremost, space and equipment is theirs.
  • Coffee is always on the house, as long as you write your name on the cup
  • Be on time
  • Bring your smile 🙂